… right now I’ve always been a person to just be in
the here and now and appreciate time. I have a greater
appreciation for slowing it down and for just not taking
anything for granted.



These images of me forced me to look
at myself honestly, and to see that I was
still beautiful on the outside.
The experience gave me back
some hard sought self-esteem.


One of the next issues the Facing Light Foundation
is examining is Aging. We hear so much factual
information every day about how people are living longer,
how the baby boomers will change the median age of the
population, but what about the individuals? The people,
the faces, their reality. What are they facing?

Facing Chemo was the first project of the Facing Light Foundation. Everyone that was able to see the first showings of this exhibit came away incredibly moved. Using art as a medium to tell a story brings the experience off the page. The viewer is immersed in the experience. If an image can speak a thousand words, how does it feel to be in a room full of larger than life portraits of individuals, individuals with a story to tell..

how to get involved

1 support

Please help the Facing Light Foundation bring these moving exhibits to life. Your tax deductible donation will go toward the printing, framing and exhibited related expenses to allow these gallery shows to travel to health centers around the country.

2 participate

We are looking for people to photograph for the Facing Light projects. If you or someone you know would be appropriate for any of the current projects – Aging, Chemo, Mental Illness – please click below to learn more.

3 exhibit

The Facing Light Foundation’s projects are available to travel to health facilities, galleries and educational institutions nationwide. Is your venue next? Or, do you know a venue that you feel would benefit from presenting the exhibit?

These very strong images embody the work and vision of the Brown University
Oncology Research Group (Br(UOG) and honor their patients.

Omi Gallery exhibit - Oakland Art Murmur

The Facing Chemo portrait project helped us see the "whole patient" in a new light --
beyond the biology of the disease.