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How To Help When A Loved One Has Cancer

Cancer and Its Life-Changing Effects By Scott Sanders CancerWell.org info@cancerwell.org Cancer is more than a disease. It affects a person socially, economically and mentally. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. People of all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, genders and creeds are vulnerable to this threat. When someone you love faces a cancer diagnoses, it elicits a lot of complicated […]

Facing Light – new project – seeing blindness

While Facing Light has initiated projects on Aging and Schizophrenia, another exhibit in the works is focused on blindness.  While there are so many sight challenged individuals out there with amazing stories and accomplishments, this exhibit is focused not on their stories, but on them, the individual, the faces of blindness.  The aim is to […]

Facing Chemo in Switzerland this summer

A selection of images from the Facing Chemo Before & After exhibit will be on display at a gallery in Switzerland this summer as part of a larger exhibit on the human condition.  WER BIN ICH?  WHO AM I? WER BIN ICH? Was kann ich wissen, was soll ich tun, was darf ich hoffen? WHO […]

Art and healing at Brown University

Last month, images from Facing Light’s project, Facing Chemo Before & After, hung at a symposium put on at Brown University focused on using art in the healing process.  The Symposium, hosted by Artists and Scientists as Partners, was entitled Designing the Next Steps – Art, Health & Design.  The work that they do centers […]